Minggu, 20 September 2009

Again, New Banners

Minggu, September 20, 2009
Again, I made banner for Nakama.
But it's only one, so it will be added as one of the random banners. Check this post if you wanna know the other banners.


It's a little weird, I guess...but I don't know where's the wrong thing. Err, maybe the color's too pale. And take a look at Luffy, I haven't removed the text =,=
Fool me..
Also, the design is...weird ~(-_-~)

Eniwei I change my blog banner too. This time I use Devil May Cry 4. Even so, I use quote from DMC 3 there :D
Well, that's my most fave quote, though..
It's more simple than before. No much texts, no much images. I wanna thrust out Dante and Nero so I think if there's too much image or text, it will hinder the main image :3

My old banner

5 Comments Stored:

  1. A~~ bagus yg lama dari pada yg baru, cuman aku suka kata 'Devil May Cry' A~~ bagus bener kata2 nya....

  2. I think this banner is already good :)

    Hope success will always be yours...

  3. i like the banner that u use right now ^^

  4. ttap senjatanya dante yg keren2 , daripada nero...haha

  5. :heck:
    dah lama ga mampir forum


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