Minggu, 12 April 2009

[L]ain Script

Minggu, April 12, 2009 6 Comments Stored
void main ()
int globalx, temp, [L]ain;
bool condition = false;
int reality = reality - [L]ain
count<<"Why are you crying?"<<endl;
count<<"Because you deleted youself from everybody's memory?"<<endl;
if (float hurt == 0 && float hate == 0){
count<<"Information of dead people won't leak from the wired again."<<end;
double dead = 0;
while (world == right){
count<<"So [L]ain doesn't need to be."<<endl;
count<<"You wished so."<<endl;}
[L]ain = isgood {int [L]ain, int denial, float truth)

void isgood (int&, int&, float&)
int hate;
count<<"Even if you don't like it, it is [L]ain. It is me. You know it."<<endl;
int *lain2 - lain1;
[L]ain = nothuman;
count<<"It's easier to be a goddess."<<endl;
count<<"I think it's easier than being human."<<endl;
count<<"You don't need to do anything. You should only be and watch."<<endl;
count<<"Nobody looks down on [L]ain. Nobody hates [L]ain."<<endl;
float otherhate--;
count<<"Well, [L]ain, you should start again. Because you reseted them"<<endl;
int rage;
[L]ain2 = null;

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