Friday, October 7, 2011

Cyber Crimes Is Really Scary

Friday, October 07, 2011

Have you ever got a problem when you’re going to login into your social network account? You type a right ID and password, but it doesn’t bring you into your dashboard. Then you started to think, does someone doing something with my account?

The problem looks simple, as if that’s just a social network. But how if someone cracked your bank ID through internet banking and steal your money when you’re sleeping? You know nothing till you look your passbook.

Computer criminals comprise much kind of people. Disgruntled employees or even the lazy ones, housewives, or students. They attack unauthorized access by employees to break-ins by intruders. Why and how do they occur?
  • Network administrators’ laxity.

  • Failure to monitor security programmers allows ‘hackers’ to access the networked system and crimes often go undetected.

  • Social engineering is used to build a friendship with employees and gain access to information.

  • Cryptographic keys can be figured out by timing the computers.

  • Firewalls and system probing.

  • ‘Cracker’ programmer to identify passwords is used to try every word in the dictionary as a password.

  • Network file used to share files between systems is exploited through well-known vulnerabilities.

  • ‘Sniffing’ allows all traffic on a network to the sniffed to collect authorized password.

  • Another method of virus infection is transmitted via word files. Word documents are embedded with viruses sent via email. There is no way to see that a document is infected until it is opened.

It’s a kind of scary crimes that can be done while you’re lying in a bed. Yes, people who are relaxing can cause huge losses for a company. Scary.

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  1. Jahat banget tuh orang yg gunain internet buat kriminalitas...

  2. heeee jahat banget klo yang mencuri uang via internet :(
    tapi segala sesuatu pasti punya dua sisi sih ya hitam dan putih ckckck

  3. justru saya malah salut sama kemampuannya yang sehebat itu. tapi ia sih emang salah, harusnya kemampuannya jgn digunain untuk hal-hal yang ngerugiin orang lain.

  4. Barangkali para cyber crimer (haha bahasanya) ini menganggap nyari duit via internet lebih mudah ketimbang kerja beneran di kantor.

  5. @Akmal
    Iya sih, kesannya keren banget :'(

    Betul xDD

  6. Orang yg pintar tetapi tidak memiliki batasan moral dan norma :) Ya mau gimana lagi ya, begitulah faktanya.


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