Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Advertise and Review, Money Circle at Link From Blog

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Paid reviews What are most people doing on internet? Update their social network's status? Find some hot chicks or hot guys? What's the point on it? Okay, that's fun. But why don't you just try something else? Something more useful. Profitable. Something produce the money! Yes, you can make a lot of cash on this virtual world. One of the best way is making the best use of Link From Blog.

This site is a place to advertise. Or in the other word, you get paid for your article. This system called PPR (Paid Per Review). Okay, let's see what's inside of Link From Blog.

As you can see on the portal, there're two choosen you can take. First, you can register as an Advertiser, second as a Blogger.

  • Advertiser
    Advertise you bussiness in blogs. You can buy a review written originally by bloggers. Each of those articles has inbound link to your website so your website can be noticed by the others.
  • Blogger
    Earn with your blog. Nowadays paid reviews are one of the fastest way to gain a money. Sure your artice must cool enough to be choosen by the advertisers. But don't worry, if you are a beginner (just like me), don't be scare to started it. Just learn. Slow but sure your review will legitimate enough and even the advertisers will bear a great paid for your article. And Link From Blog will offer you a job review with high paid.

Means, Advertisers find a great article to advertise their products. Bloggers write the review which were needed by the Advertisers. And then the Advertisers paid the Bloggers for the review. It's a Money Circle!

If you are a blogger just like me, just try to register as a blogger. And the very first task Link From Blog order is to write one article about a site of Link From Blog itself, in order to attract other reader to visit Link From Blog.

Quite interesting, isn't it?
Cmon just try it, don't waste your time. Click Link From Blog and enter the world of advertising that produce money!

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