Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Pieces of Me

Rabu, Maret 17, 2010
I never have an intention to hurt, really never...
Forgive me
I don't deserve it?

You've been crying
For whom?
Nobody ever ask for your tears
Yet it makes you being such a tough person

Despite I don't know what 'jealous' is
I do care about you
Am I looks like ignored you?

Better if that bunch of feeling would just dissapear
Hard to say goodbye, but we have to
This was wrong from the beginning
We should fix it before we walked too far than we could go

Sorry for everything I've done
Thx for everything you've done

I'm always asking myself, "Is this over now?"
Are u always asking yourself, "How could that person neglects me?"
Really, I'll love you with no doubt if we're not a "same"

Are your pieces scattered?
Are you broken?
Cz I am...

3 Comments Stored:

  1. Perasaan udah prnah baca deh .
    kmu sering nulis ini kan ?

  2. eh lupa bilang pertamax


  3. duh, rasanya jadi sedih baca puisi ini.


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