Friday, January 1, 2010

[L]ain New Year 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010
I remember the day we walked
That's a hard thing to be true at first
It's a magic we had been together

It's not about how much you care
What you think about
In a weird way you regard me neither long I has waited

It's not a fairytale when a lover could be together ever after
You don't have a godmother to gives you a pretty ball gown
Didn't have to meet your mate with a beautiful face lies behind a wicked pace
It's not about to find someone perfect to be loved
It's about loving someone in a perfect way

Everybody's changing
Be a better person in a some way
Grown up like a little bird ready to fly
Struggle a wind which could make them hurled

Am I?
Then why this feeling towards you seems like never change?
How could?

Thus becomes something I can't find the answer
My heart's breaking all in pieces

Unconsciously I built a shield
To protect me
To dispel a pain
Doesn't mean I'm not welcoming people to come
I invite them all
It only lasted for a while
They're gone
Leave me with no reason
I can't prevent them

Am I that weak?

I wanna protect and own people I love
That's all
Because of them I can be strong like now
I can't trust anyone before, that's why I'm so weak
But I was missunderstood
I thought I'm strong because I'm alone
But conversely, it's not...

This is a brand new
A new fighting
New future

Do you feel thankful for 2009?
Then how do you see this 2010?

Happy new year....

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  1. O:
    Cool~~~ :D
    Hmm 2009 is a mere memory

    2010 is a new beginning, who knows? Maybe the end is the beginning after all :)

  2. ayo kawan kita terus melangkah kedepan!!

    tahun baru, planing baru, tantangan baru!
    jadikan taun lalu sbgai acuan untuk terus melangkah lebih jauh kedepan

    ayo kita berjuang bersama!
    ganbate!! :yay:

  3. Happy New Year 2010

  4. halo.. belum telat kan bwt ngucapin met taun baru 2010 kan..


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