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Kingdom Hearts : Chain Of Memories (GBA)

Sabtu, Januari 09, 2010
I know it's kinda very late to review this game. For you know, I'd played Kingdom Hearts : Chain Of Memories a few years ago. But I just desired to tell it now ~(-_-~)

As you know, Kingdom Hearts is a game made by Square Enix collaborated with Disney. And Chain Of Memories is the GBA version. It also available on PS2, but I'll talk about the GBA version, okay...

Kingdom Hearts : Chain Of Memories told about Sora's adventure with Donald and Goofy on a mysterious place called Celestial Tower. A man under the hood told Sora that the tower was created by Sora's memory. So eveything inside was everything on Sora's mind. They have one mission, or two. Save Riku and King Mickey from darkness. Yes, Riku and the King was arrested inside Celestial Tower. As usual, they will traveled various place to find Riku and the King (which is taken from Disney World). They have to fight againts lot kind of enemies, such as the 'traditional' KH enemy, heartless. And for each world, as usual, they will be helped by a main character on it own world, also the boss. I mean just like in Neverland, they'll be helped with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, the boss is Captain Hook.

Oke, it's enough to tell you about the plot. It's just the same with other KH story.

The battle system was decided with a card. But it's NOT a trading card system after all. First time playing this game, you will be taught how to use those card, so I didn't have to told you that. But it has a limit. You only can attack with Keyblade or magic as much as you have the cards. Each cards have a number, and when two cards was competed, will be happened a Card Break when a big one will breaks the smaller one. But the special card numbered 0 (Zero) even can breaks numbered 9. Every enemy Sora has defeated will be changed into a card. He can use it as his power supply besides his party (Donald and Goofy). Also Sora was using the card for traveled to another world.

Comparison between battles in the original GBA version and the PS2 remake.
[Top] Sora battles Vexen in the GBA version.
[Bottom] Sora battles Cloud Strife in the PS2 remake.
Note the 2D and 3D battlefield as well as changes in card as well as status bar design.

For me who loves KH (but still DMC is da #1 xD), this game was so funtastic. Even it's the GBA version, the graphic was so soft. On short opening movie, you can see a high CGI technique from Square Enix. Take a look at this..

Also for the ending movie, it has no different, still high quality xD

And when you finished this game, you'll get a big surprise. Well, whaddya expect..Riku was playable!!!
It's true! But you have to finished this game as Sora first, then the Riku mode will be available. Like Sora, Riku have his own party too. Who? It's King Mickey!!!
It's a 'WOW' for me >w<

* Sora Mode *

* Riku Mode *

Riku's adventure was planned by DiZ. Still, Riku will fight his dark side, Ansem. And if you win againts him, this ending scene will appear...
Such a cool Riku...

By the way, Chain Of Memories take a timeline before KH 2, or after the ending of the first game, Kingdom Hearts. By seeing these pictures, you will be understand.

See? Riku had met Namine before. That time, Sora has finished his adventure. Because, more far Sora walked inside Celestial Tower, more memory will be scattered. So Namine tried to reconect Sora's memory by makes him sleep (no wonder another KH game subtitled 'Birth By Sleep' ^^;). Ironically, the one who created a fake memory for Sora, was Namine too. Also that's the scene where Roxas was shown on Twilight Town.
Doesn't it make any sense?
That's the first time Roxas was introduced. That scene was continued in KH 2, where you can use Roxas (on a long prologue^^;).
Then when Roxas' job has finished, Sora will takes the main plot, as usual. First, you can see Sora was arisen after Namine makes him sleeps on Chain Of Memories.

I highly recommended for you all to play this game. Just tell, it's another alter universe from the beautiful game, Kingdom Hearts.

Title: Kingdom Hearts : Chain Of Memories
Release: November 11, 2004
Console: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Licensed: Nintendo
Developed: Square Enix / Jupiter, Disney
Director and Concept Design : Tetsuya Nomura
Animation Director : Tatsuya Kando
Soundtrack: Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru


.....too much screenshoot =A=
I wonder.....why I don't just show you the movie records TTATT

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