Monday, January 18, 2010

Follow My Twitter, please...

Monday, January 18, 2010
[L]ain on Twitter I'm not very interesting on twitter at first. In fact, I've built an account several times ago and hasn't used it...till now...

But now, I think I get a lil' crush on it. So I started share my status and tweet it. But I have no friends on twitter. Oke, I have some friends, not much, neither I followed nor my followers. Then let me promote my tweet

I'm not using my general ID hira404, but igniel. So the URL would be like this:

Would you be my follower, anyone? Then I'll follow you back.
Or, just share your twitter ID on comment box and I'll follow you first.
Don't forget to follow me back (_ _ )">

That's it for today

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  1. sob aku kan dah dftar twitter, tp gak terlalu paham penggunaannya, setahuku hanya update status gitu,,hehehehe... akun twitterku icalholic24 ....

  2. nyoba bkin twitter ah :giggle:


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