Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Talk Shit

Tuesday, November 03, 2009
How could I stuck on bastard like you?
No one knows, me neither
It started with no reason
Even if there's any reason, I dunno what that is
Begins with felicity and misery
Let it flow
Shit I love you at the first sight

Nothing wrong with this
At least I ever held you for a while
Fuck you left me with no reason
It's okay...
Besides, it has no reason from the beginning

Crap your promises are fucking fake
Can't you feel anything about me towards you nothing fake?

I'm just a rubbish eh?
You has thrown that rubbish all the way dude
Darn you did it damn right!

Your shitty was good enough to broke me
But haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay?
Anyhow you're nothing for me now
Just like you considered me the same

Don't mind me anyway
Just fuck off and live your life on
Such a relieved without me man?
Yes I'm nothing compared her

By the way I still love you a bit
Sayonara fucking Prince!

2 Comments Stored:

  1. still love a bit ..??
    hard to eliminate something that is there in our minds even though it was a painful thing


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