Friday, April 24, 2009

[L]ong [L]ove [L]etter

Friday, April 24, 2009
That cool-hearted girl only keep an eye on that prince.
That girl who hasn't been in love before, stuck in some weird feelin.
Then she realize what is that feelin called.
Can't hold it any longer, she write a letter for that prince.

Dear good-lookin prince that I don't know the name..

I've never felt this kind of weird feelin before I met you.
It started out so random
Yet it has been quite magical you see
Begins like a fairytale - though slightly twisted -
So it should end like one
Just let me be close
To you, by your side

I'm human, so I'll try the best I can
To keep my promise
"I'll be there for you."

Can you give me the love I've desired since the very first time we talked?
My wish is for you to lean on me
Allowing me to protect you
To inhale and shield you from negativity.

Is it possible for us to be and stay together?
Nobody has to know.
It's just between you and me. Us.
I don't need a mighty knight guarding me.
I can do it.
To hold someone as precious as you in my arms.

It's okay, we can do crazy stuff, but together.
Shit I so want you
I so fucking want you
Do you want me?
How do you see me?

Dear good-lookin prince that I've loved too much..

Content of Love Letter originally from Geminipride

4 Comments Stored:

  1. nah loh...

    kykny w tw deh yg lw maksudin tuh sapa

  2. ta-tau ya~

    orang na ngasih komen kesini nggak ya Dx

  3. huyy.. :)

    bikin dalam bahasa indonesinya juga dumzz..
    **lagi2 bikin dalam bhasa inggris**

  4. error mode on deh klo read english


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